The Ars Una name and the brand’s black-white-and-red logo are already familiar to many people of all age groups and for different reasons. In 1991, we were a Hungarian start-up company and only designed and produced postcards which we mainly sold around Lake Balaton on a few stalls and stands. Of course, we also had lots of ideas, energy and enthusiasm and were soon offering more postcards and then dossiers and exercise books.



And what happened next?

Well, besides new ideas and products, some of the Ars Una team also began to start families! As our children reached school age, we realized that we would need to buy new bags, flasks and other things each and every year, which we thought was far from ideal. Moreover, we soon found that the school supplies on offer were rather limited, often with poor designs, and certainly not always what our children wanted.

We were sure, too, that other parents and their kids were experiencing the same kind of thing.

Therefore, we decided that in addition to the exercise books, folders, timetables and book covers that we were already producing, and which had become immensely popular, we would design a range of quality schoolbags, pen and pencil cases, backpacks and other accessories. Our new products would be durable, able to withstand the demands of everyday school life, but also be practical and appealing to school kids of all ages.



We’d love to write now that from then on everything went smoothly but unfortunately (or perhaps in retrospect thankfully) we had to go through an experimental phase of trial and error which was nevertheless instructive, and some exciting years followed.

Some products were super successful right from the start, others less so, and consequently we were forced to rethink, redesign one complete range and modify various individual products until we felt they were perfect in every way - and this is how we still operate today.

For the last fifteen years we have striven to make every item in our product range conform to three things: quality, functionality and attractiveness.

But put this way these three words perhaps sound a little empty, so let’s try to bring them to life. What are our products really like?




  • Our products are robust: able to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday school and teenage life.
  • They are long-lasting: kids (and parents) won't have to worry about replacing their bag for years.
  • Our schoolbags are made with superior materials, reinforced seams, German-made FIDLOCK magnetic locks and quality zippers.
  • Our impact-resistant flasks and exercise books with their durable covers can withstand most of the ups-and-downs of school life.
  • Since most of our team members are parents themselves, they know all too well what hectic school days can be like. We are proud that our schoolbags and backpacks really do withstand such days, whatever the age of the kids.
  • Our schoolbags and backpacks therefore come with a 2-year warranty, and our pen and pencil cases, flasks, sports bags and snack boxes with 6 months.


Easy to use and practical

  • It is important that schoolbags, pen and pencil cases and flasks can be used by small children going to school for the first time without help. It’s a good idea to let your child pack and unpack their new bag and its contents at home before their first day at school, so that later they will be able to find everything in it on their own during classes and breaks.
  • We designed our backpacks for teenagers so that everything has its own place. We know that by Wednesday, almost everything will be at the bottom of the bag anyway, but at least we give kids the chance to get organized.
  • We also think it important that our products are multi-functional. A backpack can be a great companion not only at school but also on excursions. A sports bags can also be used as a light-weight bag on city walks and a pen and pencil case can be a super little toiletry bag for everyday use.  



Exclusive and beautiful

  • We know that many children do not like school that much, however, we have seen that little tots are more motivated to start school if they already have a beautiful schoolbag filled with lots of useful and stylish equipment. And we all know about teenagers and how important fashionable, trendy backpacks and accessories, are to them, reflecting their current mood and tastes.
  • We parents, too, know what kind of bag we need each day. Does it fit our wardrobe, can we easily find everything in it, is it big enough and comfortable enough? We believe that children deserve the same, so we have designed schoolbags that are practical, comfortable and fashionable for children, too.
  • We think a schoolbag can be nice and a backpack can be trendy, and we know it’s a whole different experience waiting to take notes in class in an exercise book that has high-quality, beautiful white pages, then have a pencil tip piercing through your exercise book. In addition to our own custom designed characters and Ars Una collections, we also add popular licensed products to our range every year.
  • Over the years, we have learned that designing bags and accessories for children is a difficult undertaking, as they can be very critical. At the same time, it is an exciting challenge that gives new impetus to our team every year.

In addition to the above, there is another story, one of our favorites, that we’d like to relate. When asked why he wanted another Ars Una bag one of our returning little customers said, “It’s just so good to go to school with it”.

What more can we say? Comments like this are what really matter.