During the production of ARS UNA school supplies, we pay special attention to the quality of our products, so that they are long-lasting and beautiful, as they are an integral part of everyday life for your child. Hence, only one or two bags a year usually need to be replaced or repaired under the terms of our 2-year guarantee for ARS UNA schoolbags,

However, even with the greatest effort, there are some products that wear out sooner than you think even with careful use. What to do, for example, if a bag’s zipper breaks prematurely or a pen and pencil case wears out? 


1. 2-year warranty on ARS UNA schoolbags

We are extremely proud of the excellent quality of our schoolbags, so we provide a 2-year full guarantee with confidence. If the zipper or seam is damaged on the bag, we undertake to repair the product promptly. If the malfunction cannot be corrected and the inspection reveals that the problem has occurred during intended use, the bag will be replaced.

Complaint process:

  • Please inform the ARS UNA Brand Store immediately of any damage to the bag, where our store manager colleague will deal with the report and answer your questions.
  • We recommend that you report the problem to us immediately and send us the problematic schoolbag as soon as possible. Please note that if you continue to use the product after detecting the defect, we cannot honor the warranty.
  • Send the schoolbag together with the invoice confirming the purchase by mail or bring it in person to the ARS UNA Brand Store so that we can inspect it.
  • After inspecting the bag, we will take details of the complaint, which will include the defect, the position of ARS UNA in this issue and the reasons for it.
  • If the complaint is legitimate, that is the use of the schoolbag was as intended and no violent external influences have occurred, yet part of it has been torn or broken, we will first of all send it for repair.
  • If the defect cannot be repaired, the bag is replaced with the exact same type, or the most similar in terms of design and type. There is, of course, room for discussion on this.
  • IMPORTANT! Pursuant to Section 306 (2) of the Civil Code, in all cases where the defect can be repaired, the buyer may only request a replacement or a refund of the cash instead of the repair if it does not result in a disproportionately high additional cost compared to the repair.

    If the repair or replacement is not undertaken or cannot be fulfilled by the distributor, the buyer may withdraw from the contract and request a refund of the purchase price of the product within the agreed warranty period.

    There is no room for withdrawal due to a minor error. (Pursuant to Section 306 (1) of the Civil Code.)


  • You can assert your warranty rights if the following conditions are met:
     - Existence of a purchase receipt (invoice)
     - Purchase was within two years
  • Results in a loss of warranty rights:

          - Lack of a purchase receipt (invoice)
          - Overdue notification of the warranty claim
          - Improper use of the product
          - Violent external impact

  • The complaint is unfounded in the following cases:
     - You have already tried to repair the product at home before the notification

 The defect of the product was already visible at the time of purchase, or the existence of the defect was communicated in writing or orally at the time of purchase.

More information about the warranty:

  • The warranty rules are detailed in the Civil Code and Decree 49/2003 (VII. 30.) of the Ministry of Economy and Transport on its implementation.
  • We should be notified of any defects in a product as soon as possible within 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Once a defect has been discovered, it is no longer advisable to continue using the product, as the distributor is not obliged to compensate for the damage caused during further use.
  • If the origin of the defect or the legitimacy of the complaint is not clear, the distributor is obliged to request an independent expert’s opinion within 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • After the 6th month from the date of purchase, until the end of the 2-year warranty period, the customer must, via an independent expert body and at his/her own expense, prove that the cause of the defect was already present at the time of sale. In this case, if the expert’s opinion considers the customer's complaint to be justified, then in addition to the purchase price of the product, the distributor is also obliged to reimburse the customer for the cost of the inspection.


2. 6-month warranty on other textile and plastic school supplies

This includes:

  • pen and pencil cases
  • sports bags
  • gym bags
  • flasks, bottles
  • lunchboxes
  • side bags
  • wallets
  • mobile phone holders
  • pre-school backpacks

If an issue with any of the listed products is experienced, when used as intended, please contact us. 


3. Damage during shipping

We recommend that if you request home delivery, always check at the time of delivery, in the presence of the courier, that the ordered products have arrived intact and undamaged.

If any defect or damage is detected, please discuss with the courier and report the problem to us immediately. Unfortunately, delays in reporting any deficiency or damage, may result in us being unable to remedy the problem.

Feel free to contact on the above subjects via one of the following methods:

Tel.: +361-279-2320
E-mail: bemutatoterem@arsuna.hu, or webshop@arsuna.hu
Address: Ars Una Studio Kft. 1113 Budapest, Csetneki u. 13.