On this page, you can find out how you can place an order, what you need to know about shipping and receiving your ordered products, and even what you need to do if both grandmothers accidentally ordered the same pen and pencil case for your child!

Let's take a look at the most frequently asked questions


"How can I place an order through the web shop?"

Ars Una Studio's web store requires registration before purchase, where shipping and billing information must be provided.

Following that, products can be ordered by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button, and after finalizing the order, the price of the products is paid by bank card.

"How do I register?"

You can register by clicking on the human figures in the upper right corner of the website. As soon as you click on the silhouette, a pop-up window will appear, then after clicking the "Registration" button, you will need to fill out the form. In all cases, please provide a valid e-mail address and personal data, as we work with these when placing your order.

"What are the steps to place an order?"

1. Login / Registration:

After registering in the Ars Una web shop, you can compile the contents of your shopping cart, i.e.compile the order.

By clicking on the Register button in the upper right corner of the website, you can register your data or log in by entering your e-mail address and password used to log in if you have already registered.

2. Product selection: 

After logging in, you can select the product (s) you want to order.

By clicking on the image of the product, you can also view the photo of the given product in a larger size.

(Images shown may differ slightly from the actual products.)

On this page, you can specify how many of the product you wish to order, and then use the ADD TO CART button to add the item to your shopping cart.

3. Order: 

Once the products have been selected, you can order your products by clicking on "Cart Contents" in the upper right corner.

On the following pages you can enter the details required for delivery and invoice, as well as for finalizing the order and payment.

On the last page, you can send your order by clicking the Submit Order button


4. Order confirmation:

We will send a confirmation e-mail about your order to the e-mail address provided during registration, and when we have compiled the package, we will notify you in another letter regarding delivery information.


"What should I do if I have not received confirmation of my order?"

If you do not receive our confirmation letter within three hours of placing your order, please DO NOT resubmit your order, but contact us at webshop@arsuna.hu or on the +361-279-2320 telephone number.


"How can I receive the ordered products?"

You will receive the products selected in our web shopby home delivery - your order will be delivered to you by the GLS courier service within 5 working days.

IMPORTANT! We kindly ask you to unpack the package you received in the presence of the courier and check that all the products have arrived complete and undamaged according to your order, and make sure that the courier gives you a copy of the invoice. If you experience a defect or damage to the product/s, please notify the courier immediately and make a report so that we can remedy the problem as soon as possible.


"What happens if the courier can't deliver the package?"

When you receive the notification that your order is in transit, we no longer see where the package is. In this case, you can request information about the status of the package and the time of arrival from the GLS courier service by entering the order details. Contact details of the GLS central customer service: +36 20 890-0660

In case of unsuccessful delivery, the courier will leave a notification at the delivery address and will try to deliver the package again. After two failed deliveries, the package will be returned to Ars Una Studio’s central warehouse and the order will be canceled.


"How much does shipping cost?" 

        Shipping cost for purchases up to 79.99 EUR (shipping cost less than 15.00 EUR)

  • Slovakia – 8.40 EUR
  • Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania – 9.60 EUR
  • Germany – 10.00 EUR
  • Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands – 11.20 EUR
  • Poland, Bulgaria - 13.00 EUR

       For orders of 80.00 EUR or more, shipping cost is free of charge

     Shipping cost for purchases up to 129.99 EUR (shipping cost more than 15.00 EUR)

  • Italy, France - 15.60 EUR
  • Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Portugal, Spain - 25.00 EUR

       For orders of 130.00 EUR or more, shipping cost is free of charge

"How can I pay for the products?"

When you place your order, you can pay for the products by online bank card payment.


"I already sent the order, but I want to change it - how can I do that?"

You can change the composition and quantities of your order as long as the products are in the "shopping cart" and you do not finalize your order.

Unfortunately, due to the automation of our system, it is not possible to modify the given order after placing the order.

In this case, we kindly ask you to send us a written notification, that you would like to cancel your order.

We will cancel your order as soon as possible and refund the invoice amount to you.

Then, in the "Orders" menu item in your user profile, click on the number of the canceled order, then add the products of the canceled order to your cart again with the "reorder" function and add the additional product (s) by continuing the purchase.

You can also delete a product from an order that has already been placed if you do not request one of the products.


"I placed two orders - can they be sent in one package?"

Unfortunately, we do not have the option of sending separate individual orders as a single package, so similarly to the point above, please ask in writing for the two orders to be cancelled and then reorder them together as one order.


"Can I request delivery for a day of my choice?"

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Orders are processed continuously and automatically according to the order of arrival, there they cannot be stored or deliveredon a specific date.


"I have time to place my order now, but I can only pick it up 2-3 weeks later. Can I request shipping in this way?"

Unfortunately, due to the automations of the system, this is not possible either. Orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so unfortunately, we are unable to store them or deliver them on a specific date or deliver them several weeks after your order.


"I want to change the shipping address - how can I do that?"

You can change the shipping address within your own user profile before you place your order. You can then notify the GLS courier service of the change when we send you the notification that the package has been delivered to the courier.


"It occurred to me on the weekend / in the evening that I wanted to change my order. I wrote an email but haven't received a reply yet. When can you cancel the order so I can place it correctly?"

Our customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00. We ask for your patience during other time intervals until we can respond to your request.


"I ordered the product on the web shop and received it, but I don't want to keep it - what should I do?"

First of all, you can still try to fall in love with the product - surprisingly maybe, but in most cases, you will succeed!

In connection with orders placed on the web shop, it is possible for customers to cancel purchases within 14 working days after receiving the goods - you will find all the information here.


"The schoolbag is damaged, torn – what can I do?"

Our schoolbags and backpacks have a 2-year warranty, so if the defect appeared during intended use, we would repair or replace the product within 2 years of purchase, depending on the defect.

In all cases it is necessary to have a proof of purchase invoice and for the defective product to reach our brand store, the address of which is:1113 Budapest, Csetneki u. 13.

If you don't know if the bag can be repaired or what you should do, feel free to contact us at the following email address: bemutatoterem@arsuna.hu

You can read more about the warranty and replacement of defective products sold on our web shop or in our brand store here.


"I've read a lot of info here, but I still have questions - how can I contact ARS UNA?"

We try to answer all possible questions on our website, but we believe that we can usually help you furtherand in more detail in person or by phone.

Contact us:

Address: 1113 Budapest, Csetneki u. 13.

Telephone: +361-279-2324

E-mail address: webshop@arsuna.hu